Georgia Macon Mission

Georgia Macon Mission

Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 2 and Happy Easter!

What's up guys!! 
I'm starting the third week in the mission field! 

Everything is going well, and I am loving the mission.
Great things are happening here in Alma, Georgia! 

I am in one of the smallest areas, in terms of members.   It's a branch and on a good day, we will have 20-25 people at church on Sunday.   That's about to change.
The Saturday before Easter,  we had probably close to 100 people at our branch cookout.  Friends,  family, nonmembers, and members all had a good time conversing, and enjoying the food. 
Our  Branch Presidency is awesome.   President Peterson, Bro Roberson, Bro Toras are really making a difference.  They are excited to see the branch grow, and together we work really hard towards achieving that goal.
All the members of the branch are very welcoming, as is EVERYONE  in Alma.
This is an area where people smile and wave at you, and ask how you're doing.... a couple times I was like... what?   But, I'm  getting used to it. haha.

We  have some awesome investigators.   One couple, who is golden, already wants to be baptized, which is amazing!.
It's awesome,  as a missionary,  to see your investigators grow... even within a few visits

So the food down here is awesome...... good southern cooking!
I had collared greens for the first time.... wasn't bad haha

 We are mostly a biking area, even though we share a car.
I  haven't ridden a bike since I was like 12, so it was a bit of a change.  Since I'm  fat and lazy,  I go like 2 miles per hour on the bike lol  But, I'm getting used to it... not really.  haha
I really miss long boarding though.

I'll definitely start sharing more videos and pictures soon.  Technical difficulties.  haha

But, for now do something fun,  do something different,... preferably legal though.
 Live life well, and don't be to serious.  
ALWAYS  remember the importance of Easter and the true meaning of it. 
Remember the sacrifice Jesus Christ made, even when all abandoned him. 

Even though Easter has past, I encourage everyone to watch the  #Prince of Peace video. It's amazing!  

Have a great week guys !! 
Elder McGee

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