Georgia Macon Mission

Georgia Macon Mission

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Week 1 - Alma, Georgia


I am doing great!  My first week here in Alma was good.  Learned about some of the investigators and in-actives.  Learned that I actually need to buy food for myself or I'll starve.  haha

Anyway, the people here in Georgia are really nice.   It's a different way of life.  Strangers wave at you, smile and say how are you?  If I did that in Ohio, people would look at me like I was crazy.  :)  Bro Peterson had us over for dinner on Thursday.   We had some good southern food. 

Alma is a branch.  I am learning of the many challenges of living in a branch.  Ward council consisted of the presidency and us.  Very small.

So yes,  Elder Hill and I live in a double-wide trailer.  I will definitely be sending pictures of that soon.  :)   The weather here can be crazy.  We were directed by the mission president to stay indoors on Wednesday because of the bad storms.   We ended up hanging out in the church building because tornadoes and trailers don't go together very well.  haha

If you have a chance, watch the Easter video Prince of Peace for Easter.  Have a good week!

Elder McGee

                                                    Me and my companion, Elder Hill

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