Georgia Macon Mission

Georgia Macon Mission

Monday, May 1, 2017

Meaningful Prayer and Unusual Bathroom Habits

Hi Ya'll!!

 I'm just starting Week 5 here in Alma, Georgia!!

 The last couple of weeks have been pretty chill, meaning everything here moves at a slower pace....definitely a more relaxed way of life. lol
 It's exciting though, as we have had great progression with our investigators. It's awesome to see the desire they have to know of the truth. One thing I have been thinking about our investigators is the goal of getting them to come to church. It's obviously one of the most important steps toward baptism. But, missionary work cannot be successful without the help of the members. Whether you're in a branch of 25 or a ward of 200+, you should always have the desire to befriend new converts and investigators, because they should always feel welcomed and loved.

 I have already given a talk in our branch. Surprised?.... yeah neither was I. haha I gave my talk on "The Importance of Meaningful Prayer and How it Strengthens our Faith" Don't worry, I'm not going to share the whole talk, but here are a few important points to think about.......

 1. Are your prayers meaningful?
 2. Do your prayers line up with Heavenly Father's will?
 3. Do you pray with the desire that the Holy Ghost might direct you in your prayers?

 Of course, there are many things we can focus on about prayer, but we should also never forget those primary answers.  As President Gordon B Hinckley once said, "We often pray like we are ordering groceries or pizza. We say what we want and then hang up the phone." I don't remember what talk that was from, but I thought it was funny and it stuck with me. Up until a few years ago, I had never been a firm believer in prayer..... I always thought that if I were to actually pray sincerely that it meant I was weak. If I needed to get through a trial, I would just push on and endure. I decided I needed to get  my patriarchal blessing. It states very boldly that I should always pray with a sincere heart.  That helped me think differently about prayer.

Anyway, I'm loving Alma. It's definitely nothing like....well anywhere, that I have ever been.  It's very calm and relaxed here ....well except for the occasional drug trafficking..  haha

Here's a memorable story for you.........
As we were outside teaching a lady about the restoration, her child was pooping like 4 feet away from us in the full on pants yeah that was weird. 

Anyway, I hope ya'll  have a great week!
Next time, I will talk about blueberries!!

Here are a few pictures....unfortunately I was unable and unwilling to get a picture of the kid pooping in the yard.  haha
Have a blessed week!
Elder McGee

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