Georgia Macon Mission

Georgia Macon Mission

Monday, May 8, 2017

Where there's a Hill, there's a mailbox

Hello everyone!

It's been quite an eventful week.  It was mostly good, except Elder Hill hit a mailbox while on his bike 🚴🏻 and broke his wrist in two places.    Got to ride in an ambulance, which was weird and cool at the same time.   Elder Hill has to have surgery on Thursday so definitely pray for him and the doctor. The doctors name is Dr. Anil Menedal.   We are with the Baxley Elders for now and that's been cool.  We keep making jokes to keep Elder Hill laughing, otherwise he's a sad sack of potatoes.....which makes sense...I mean I wouldn't want to have surgery.  Our favorite joke is "Where there's a Hill, there's a mailbox". Haha   Anyway, I believe where's there's laughter, there is love.  ❤️

My testimony of pray has definitely been strengthened throughout this week and we have had so much support from the branch members.   We are very grateful.

Sorry this is so short!   We didn't have much time for writing this week!
Have a great week and remember Elder Hill in your prayers.

Elder McGee

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